*Updated 4/15/15*

New Impact Fees Adopted, Pre-Payment Program Begins April 24

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. (April 15, 2015) - At the April 14, 2015 meeting of the Charlotte County Board of County Commissioners, the Board took action to introduce a new impact fee schedule. The new fees are based on studies completed to assess the cost of each new structure being built in the County.

Recognizing the importance of balancing the need to adequately fund infrastructure with the need to keep Charlotte County competitive in terms of fees paid by potential residents, developers and investors, the Commissioners voted to adopt new impact fees at 40 percent of those recommended by the technical studies. These new fees are to become effective on July 15, 2015 and will apply to any permit applications made on or after that date. The impact fee schedule and more information is available online at – click Impact Fees in the Hot Topics list on the left.

The Commissioners also recognized the lead time involved in construction projects, particularly those involving commercial uses. Therefore, staff was instructed to develop a pre-payment program for commercial structures only that will allow potential developers to pre-pay impact fees and lock in rates in effect today. This program will be launched on April 24, 2015 and will only be available up until close of business on July 14, 2015.

For more information about the impact fees or the pre-payment program, please contact Shaun Cullinan, Planning & Zoning Official, by phone at 941.743.1922 or email at

Charlotte County Impact Fees effective July 15th 2015

In the April 14, 2015 Charlotte County Commissioner Meeting, our commissioners voted unanimously to approve following:
• Forty (40) percent of impact fee schedule, proposed from Tindal Oliver for the next 2 years
• No automatic increases. Fees will be reviewed prior to any increases.
• No compressing of any categories.
A separate ordinance was approved to accept prepayment of commercial impact fees at the current rate until July 14th, 2015.

Please thank our commissioners for supporting growth economic. While we do believe growth does pay itself, the vote today was a start of a compromise for our community.

Special thank you to all our members who came to give strength to the CDBIA’s stance, and to the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce and PGPCNPDeSoto Association of Realtors who also attended the meeting to expressed their support for the CDBIA’s stance on impact fees.

Hats off to our Governmental Affairs Chair, Suzanne Graham (Massey Services) has dedicated many hours of time working with many to support us, including county staff and our commissioners. She has spent months, and even the minutes up to the vote this morning fighting for our builders.
Thank you, Suzanne Graham for your dedication to our industry.

Now let’s get building!

Robert Markel
2015 CDBIA President

Charlotte County Habitat Conservation Plan
CDBIA (02/20/2015)

Charlotte County made history today.

Just before Christmas, the Federal Fish and Wildlife Commission approved the Charlotte County Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) to protect against scrub jays. This is the first County Wide Habitat Conservation Plan in the state of Florida.

Today the Charlotte County Commissioners unanimously adopted an ordinance for the HCP. Any lot owner that want to build on a scrub jay inhabited 1/4 acre lot will now only be required to pay $2,200 for mitigation, instead of approximatley $30,000. You can apply for a building permit at the county and they will inform you of how the process will work.

This HCP does not currently include gopher tortoises or indigo snakes, but the Commissioners and staff have already been discussing this with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and there may be ways to include these species.

Kudos to Charlotte County Natural Resources Department particularly Andy Stevens for his hard work, dedication and determination to see this through as well as to the Charlotte County Commissioners for approving this ordinance.

Gopher Tortoises
If you are a developer developing a lot or parcel and you have the ability to relocate Gopher Tortoises on site (if there is adequate room), you do not have to pay for a FWC certified person to move them. There are some simple instructions to follow go to Gopher Tortoise Permits

If you have any questions feel free to email me at or call me 941-628-4216.
For the Industry,
Suzanne. T. Graham
Governmental Affairs Chairman